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Techniweld is a renowned and highly experienced industrial welding, CNC profile cutting and fabrication engineering company. Since our inception in 2007, we have flourished. We provide our service to a variety of clients in the industrial, mining and engineering industry. Our skills and expertise are highly respected and well sought after thus we provide our services throughout Southern Africa as well as to her neighbouring countries.

We work hard to ensure quality service and we will go the extra mile for our clients’. The fundamental focus of our business lies in supplying specialised welding, light to medium fabrication and CNC profile cutting. Our in-house workshop has been designed to offer the ultimate welding services and is made up of a selection of the world leading welding machinery. The machinery that we utilise enables our team to complete a welding capacity of up to an impressive two tons per day (T&C’s). We have the expertise and the capacity to provide the best welding and fabrication services in Africa.

Our Safety Policy

The safety of our workers is our number one priority. We strictly adhere to the most international standards of safe practice in the welding and fabrication industry. We prioritise the safety of our workers at all times. We have put together our own safety policy which is consistently amended and revised, keeping up with the ever evolving metal & steel fabrication and welding industry. We hold safety standard meetings regularly to discuss any safety issues that may pose a threat to our workers. The highest quality of safety equipment is issued to all of our workers and they are encouraged and motivated to utilise this equipment. We will also set up a health and safety file for the client if required, the client will have to state what they require in the file. A nominal fee will be charged for this service.

The Techniweld Green Policy

The industrial profession poses many effects to our ever fragile environment. Techniweld is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. Some applications that we utilise make use of CO2 welding gas, we attempt to make use of alternative gases wherever possible. Recycling is also a priority of Techniweld and will recycle our off cuts and use them in our test welds.

BEE Status

We are a proud Level 4 BEE contributor, committed to bridging the opportunity gap for previously disadvantaged groups. We endeavour to do our procurement from certified BEE companies where possible, and dedicate our social responsibility efforts to the upliftment of the South African Human Development Index. We invest in responsible business practices and we always stand by our trademarked quality assurance.



techniweld facilities


Techniweld is proud to house an impressive industrial welding machinery collection in our 600m² facility. The welding machinery that we utilise include TIG,MIG and MMA welders. With this advanced equipment at hand, our professional and highly experienced welding team have the capacity to produce up to two and a half a tons per day (T&C’s).


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